Friday, November 22, 2013

Amazing Autism Kid

Song: I Dreamed A Dream (From Les Miserable)

Song : Show Me The Way
Staring at the stars at night
Sharing every part of our love
Sharing all our hopes and dreams
Love is true if you can give

Helping and encouraging each other
Smiling with pride, laughing with joy
It's time to share

Love is kind, love is patient
Though you may not understand the way I feel
But you're always there to hold my hands
When the world don't seem to understand the things I do or say
Your loving arms are there to show me the way..... show me the way

The road ahead is tough
Sometimes I want to turn back home
But then you came for me
I'm not alone anymore


it was so amazing...
i had tears in my eyes after watching this..
love it...

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