Monday, December 27, 2010

WeStLiFe LaTesT aLbuM - gRaViTy

1. Beautiful Tonight
2. Safe
3. Chances
4. I Will Reach You
5. Closer
6. The Reason
7. Tell Me Its Love
8. I Get Weak
9. Before Its Too Late
10. No One Is Gonna Sleep Tonight
11. Difference In Me
12. To Hard To Say Goodbye

bought this album when i was in Melaka... (ms tgh study ari tue)
love when they sing The Reason cuz it's one of my fav SONG...
lagu2 len yg aku layan... Safe, I Will Reach You, Closer, I Get Weak....
pape pun... luv this album.. WESTLIFE RULEZ!!!!!


p/s: just a few day left before New Year.... "sigh"....

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