Thursday, April 9, 2009

Black and White ("you gonna love it")

This is the latest drama series played by my fav star Vic Zhou. I gotta say i can't wait to watch the drama.. so cool!!!!!!! and Vic was HOT... anyway... the drama is about two policeman play by Vic and Mark... they both had a different character... Vic is more engaged with woman than his work while Mark, he commited to fight crime than anything else... so, what's gonna happened when they both got to work TOGETHER?.. huhuhu... gotta love what's gonna happened... anyway, this drama will be air this month in Taiwan...

so, i put the video from Youtube.. is a trailer of Black and White... check it out cuz you gonna love it... i know i do... (p/s: Vic and gun... mhm... "dreamily" HOT!!!!!!!)

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